Our Creative team

Every one of our creative partners has years of experience and many have previously spent time working for other well-known and respected agencies.

We have several design studios across the Midlands, as well as experienced Mac art workers, illustrators and web designers at our disposal. Our copywriters specialise in certain areas (PR, advertising, brochure and web copy); as do our photographers (studio, architectural, lifestyle, sports and PR).

We also maintain strong links with preferred media buyers, web engineers, printers and manufacturers of promotional products.

Our unique set up allows us to appoint and manage the best people and skills to suit client needs and, by taking advantage of our project management services, our clients can focus on other activities whilst we deliver – to brief - in budget - on time.

As you only pay for the services you need through the M partnership, our charges are transparent, honest, fair and sensible.



Creative Director – Mandi Doyle

Mandi started as an Account Manager working for a little design studio in Warwickshire in 1988. During the next 12 years, Mandi cherry-picked the best opportunities to move onwards and upwards and rose to the position of Client Services Director at Birmingham-based agency Threes Company.

In the year 2000, Mandi formed the M partnership in a very small office at home, with a desk, computer, telephone, note pad and two clients. Hard work, an intelligent focus and a genuine passion for creative projects big or small, has allowed her to grow the business whilst still maintaining close working relationships with all of her clients.

Greatest achievement

“ Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with my husband and raising £6,000 for cerebral palsy sufferers ”.

Biggest regret

“ Selling my Yamaha RD 350 LC; it was a fast and gorgeous bike – and I could reach the ground with both feet!! ”

Future goal

“ I would love to go horse riding across the great plains of Mongolia – Yee-Hah, eat my dust!! “


Horse riding, gardening, reiki, skiing, motorcycling...


Commercial Director – Guy Boardman

Guy spent 17 years working as an Independent Financial Adviser, culminating in a Director’s position with a firm servicing clients in the South Midlands and the Home Counties. When over-regulation, bureaucracy and paperwork started to reduce the time he could spend looking after clients properly, Guy left the industry completely and started with the M partnership in 2001.

Since then, Guy has applied his organisational and project management experience and financial management skills for the benefit of both the business and its clients. He has also developed his writing skills to add to the services that the M partnership keeps in-house and now spends much more time working closely with clients.

Greatest achievement

“ Being invited to manage millions of pounds by hundreds of clients; As an IFA, I never took the responsibility or the trust for granted “.

Biggest regret

“ Retiring from club rugby at 35 . . . although I probably haven’t got the legs for it now! “

Future goal

“ To ride more and write less. To continue doing the work I enjoy, whilst never forgetting that we work to preserve a great quality of life “.


Fishing, trekking, golf, skiing, motorcycling . . .