It takes years to build an excellent reputation and we are very proud of ours...
A company’s track record is as important as the cost it quotes and the proposal it offers.

We would be happy to provide contact details for clients who can vouch for our service standards.

Here is just a flavour...

Stephen Rumble
Road Safety Intelligence Team Leader
Warwickshire County Council June 2010

“ I have been exceedingly impressed with Guy and Mandi's approach to their work. They have proved easy to work with, professional in all they have done for me and entirely dedicated to the cause of improving and promoting the safety of motorcycling. They have an incredible knowledge of the motorcycling industry and an impressive contacts list that they are able to utilise."

“ The M Partnership have proved themselves skilled in project management, partnership working and PR & Marketing and work hard to deliver the maximum possible even when working on tight deadlines. They are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver success, even when this means going beyond the original contract.“

Lisa Newmarsh
West Midlands Casualty Reduction Scheme January 2011

“ West Midlands Casualty Reduction Scheme received exceptional customer service from the M Partnership when project managing our OnTwoWheels road safety event from quotation stage through to final delivery. They managed the project with creativity, dedication and utmost professionalism, whilst being extremely receptive to our needs which resulted in a successful show with positive feedback received from those that attended."

Howard Cartledge
Events Director
BikeShows Europe Limited January 2006

"Dedicated to making our shows a success, from hard working press relations to advertising or just being there on the day – we have a great working relationship!”

Linda Sanderson
Communications Manager
Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety & RideSafe BackSafe April 2010

"We have used the services of the M Partnership for the last five years and very quickly established that their key role in helping to reduce fatal and seriously injured casualties, within the motorcycle fraternity, has had an impact on this hard to reach group. This has been indentified within research and evaluation undertaken over the last four years."

"Without the support of the M Partnership, there is no doubt that this initiative would not be able to reach the specialist media with whom they have a good relationship. They also have total responsibility for the marketing and PR for the annual RideSafe Rendezvous which attracts over 8,000 visitors.“

Ashley Pinder
Route Performance Team Leader
Highways Agency, Bedford May 2009

"I was very pleased with the level of attendance and variety of content at the Heart of England Bike Show (2009). The show was well organised, with a good selection of traders and involvement from Transport authorities."

"It was also good publicity for the Highways Agency and helped us to educate more road users. Overall, the event was well planned and organised and the M Partnership put together and managed a successful bike show. I will certainly aim to attend again next year.“

Karen Delaney
Communications Officer
DriveSafe (Greater Manchester Joint Road Safety Team) August 2009

"The M Partnership has always proved to be knowledgeable, focused and driven and their results consistently exceed our expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending them to deliver a road safety event for motorcyclists, based upon the four years of success we have had on the RideSafe Rendezvous.“

Trevor Duckworth
Straightliners Limited March 2007

"Straightliners Limited organise a number f high profile motorcycle drag racing and sprint events such as the Ramsey Sprint, the UK Straightliners Series and Run What Ya Brung. We are also involved in the Guinness World Wheelie Records and - for petrol heads on four wheels – the Scooby Shoot Out and Ten of the Best."

"If we want bikers on track and spectators in the stands we can rely on the M Partnership to generate key press and media support because they share our passion.”

John Skinner
Event Manager
Inside Communications October 2003

"The M Partnership was appointed as PR consultancy to the Holiday Show following their success on other consumer shows within the group. They were enthusiastic and dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service. They quickly familiarised themselves with the market and the show, taking up the reigns in a prompt and professional manner."

"They were proactive with exhibitors and national, local and specialist media. We would recommend working with Mandi and her team.”