Road Safety

Delivering road safety campaigns and initiatives has become a specialist subject for the M partnership since we were first invited to promote a road safety awareness event in 2007. During that time, we have worked for numerous road safety partnerships, casualty reduction schemes, councils and police authorities; from Somerset to Cumbria, from the DSA to Road Safety GB Mercia.


Being a Creative Consultancy is not enough; and being a part of the motorcycling family already is not enough. Our success is borne of a disciplined approach and a comprehensive understanding of casualty statistics and demographics, behavioural studies and target groups, procurement procedures and administrative protocols, strategies and evaluations.

Our PR and press & media relations activities have secured more editorial coverage and positive support from specialist editors, journalists and website managers than would have been thought possible ten years ago. Many publications now regularly feature training options and road safety issues; and we have played a major part in this development, by being known and respected in the motorcycling world.




Most of this work has focused on reaching moped, scooter and motorcycle riders as ‘vulnerable road users’, with a view to meeting government targets and reducing KSI casualty statistics through effective education, accessible training, publicity and proactive engagement.

In 2013, we designed and developed our first road safety awareness campaign for cyclists. Go to

The M partnership has been involved at every level from funding applications to recommending comprehensive Marketing and Communications plans. We have been appointed to take full responsibility for organising, promoting and managing events that have attracted more than 8,000 visitors on a single day. But our unique set up also ensures that we can deliver the ad-hoc work - such as individual publicity campaigns for radio and press - both quickly and cheaply.


Our motorcycle Dealer Engagement Strategies have reached more than 200 specialist retailers in ten counties and major cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. And we regularly engage with our clients target groups in such a way that they come to us for road safety advice.